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Be an apprentice. Made in Kent

If you have a career sector or path in mind and want to start earning and learning an apprenticeship could be for you. You'll do real jobs for real employers; training on the job, working towards an industry-standard qualification.

  • Start your career and start earning at 16 while you learn
  • Choose from more than 250 careers - from health and social care to management, construction and engineering to banking and media, leisure and tourism
  • Choose from 3 levels of qualification  - from GCSE and A-Level equivalent up to degree level
  • Get the same benefits and discounts as college or university students but avoid the costs of further education.

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Apply for apprenticeships

There are a couple of places you can search and apply for apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships with us

We're committed to helping prepare Kent's young people for the world of work. We can offer a wide range of apprenticeships to help you start your career. Apprenticeships with us last a minimum of a year. You'll receive:

  • training for all the qualifications within your apprenticeships (a practical qualification, a theoretical qualification about your industry and English or maths if necessary)
  • a mentor in your department
  • access to our training programmes
  • support with job search for when your apprenticeship is finished.

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Search for apprenticeships in England. You can search by employer, job title, industry and location.

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