Listening to our employees

Being part of KCC also means being part of the conversation and bringing your expertise and insight to the table.  We offer lots of opportunities for your voice to be heard across the organisation and we’ll keep you informed too so you know how your feedback is used to help inform and shape the way we do things.

Through our internal communications channels, you will have the opportunity to share your comments, connect and collaborate with colleagues and ask questions directly to our Corporate Management Team.

Staff groups

Our 6 staff groups help us with our commitment to ensuring diversity is valued and that all staff have the same level of opportunity. They provide connection and support, representing the views of different groups of staff and helping to inform our decision-making.

  • Aspire - promotes the value that younger staff bring to the workplace and provides them with the tools and skills to progress and develop.
  • Staff Ethnic Diversity Forum - supports black and minority ethnic (BME) staff and provides an invaluable reference point on issues relating to ethnicity and colour.
  • Level Playing Field - for staff who consider themselves to be disabled or who have an interest in disability issues, for the provision of equal access to employment and supporting new staff.
  • Mental Health Support Network – for staff who have lived experience of mental health or are passionate about reducing stigma relating to it, through providing support and encouraging open conversations about mental health in the workplace.
  • Rainbow - supports members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) staff community, and informs and assists others who have a personal or professional interest in issues of sexuality.
  • Single Parent Staff Group - represents the interests of single parents and is open to all single parents or those who have caring responsibilities for a child across the organisation.

Members of our staff group feel confident to talk openly about the struggles and difficulties they face, and know that they'll be listened to.

Fil Kamps Member of the Level Playing Field staff group

Helping to make change happen

Whether it’s a conversation with your manager, sharing an idea with your team, or collaborating through your networks, we’re open to innovation and challenge. Or maybe you want to bring your voice by being one of our Digital or Environmental Champions?  Change matters and we're looking for people who can help the organisation to adapt, grow and evolve.