Qualification equivalency table

All overseas applicants must have the equivalent of a UK 2:1 degree. Use our equivalency table to check if you meet our academic requirements.

CountryEquivalent qualification
Africa (includes Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Libya)2:1
Australia2:1 with honours
Belgium80% Grande distinction
CanadaGPA of at least 3
ChinaAt least 80% overall grade
CyprusGPA 7+
GreeceGPA 7+
Hong Kong2:1
IndiaBachelor of Arts/Science (honours/special degree) when awarded from a central university, a recognised state university - 2:1
JordanAt least 75% overall grade
Libya75% +
MalaysiaGPA of at least 3
MalawiMasters degree 2:1
New Zealand2:1 with honours
PakistanFirst in either a two year bachelors and a two year masters degree or four year bachelors degree
TaiwanAt least 75% overall grade. Four years bachelors degree only
ThailandGPA of at least 3
USAGPA of at least 3
Vietnam8 points+
West Indies2:1

If the qualification you have is not listed above, email kgp@kent.gov.uk to enquire about your eligibility for the programme.