Taking opportunities to learn and evolve

What is important to me as I do my work? Whilst all of our values are important, the answer for me is being curious. Creating the space to learn and evolve both individually and as part of a team is key for me. Learning provides our pathway to continuous improvement. The recognition that we are constantly learning, evolving and can question the status quo is not only intriguing, it speaks to a desire in us all to explore what works, and what could be even better.

The moment a child learns to ask why, your life is never quite the same! Anyone who has been around small children will recognise that. In those early days of answering their questions you learn that brevity is your friend, but the more the questions come the more you understand that their curiosity needs to be matched by your encouragement.

Being curious applies equally in the world of work. For me it sets out a purposeful intent for the exploration of a topic. You might be learning, fact finding, reviewing, or all three, and curiosity suggests a questioning of the norm, or an appreciation that there may well be different paths for us to take. When we encourage each other to be curious, to question and even challenge where necessary, we unlock the potential of individuals and the opportunity to make new discoveries.

When we are curious we open our minds to possibilities. As we work differently now and in the future, being curious is even more important. We may find ourselves operating from different places and space, and as teams we need to encourage each other to find out what we don’t know, share what we do and create the conditions where the questions we ask support improvements and help us to sustain change.

Being curious means there are no silly questions and sharing insights and stories is one the best ways we can support each other’s curiosity. Here are my tips for being and staying curious:

  • keep asking questions
  • share information and learning
  • participate in discussions
  • be open to changing your mind
  • learn from others by listening
  • encourage others to be curious
  • take advantage of the opportunities to learn with curiosity.

Has Zena’s story inspired your curiosity? If you have an instinct for opportunity and possibility, you and your career could thrive with us.

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