Salary scales or ranges determine the level of pay for each job at Kent County Council. The scale or range usually has a range of pay with a minimum and maximum salary.

All employees will be paid on a salary scale or range which is appropriate to their grade, accountabilities, responsibilities and their profession.

This pay scale is effective from 1 April 2023.

Salary scale Minimum pay Maximum pay
KR 3 £21,293 £21,293
KR 4 £21,389 £22,493
KR 5 £22,595 £23,693
KR 6 £23,801 £25,262
KR 7 £25,378 £28,466
KR 8 £28,598 £32,333
KR 9 £32,485 £36,693
KR 10 £36,866 £43,011
KR 11 £43,216 £49,323
KR 12 £49,522 £57,712
KR 13 £57,945 £64,608
KR 14 £64,868£73,071
KR 15 £73,366 £82,996
KR 16 £83,331 £104,711
KR 17 £104,197 £123,842
KR 18 £130,382 £155,035
KR 19 £155,810 £212,416
KR 20 £213,517 £236,664

Read our Pay Policy statement

Read our Apprenticeship Levy report (PDF, 249.8 KB)

Gender pay gap and equal pay

The gender pay gap is the difference in the average hourly wage of all men and women across a workforce but we remain of the view it is a flawed calculation of the gender differences within an organisation. At Kent County Council we employ more women than men – at all grades. The table shows the percentage of male and female staff employed in each band of grades.

Salary band% of males employed% of females employed
Lower quartile19%81%
Lower middle quartile16%84%
Upper middle quartile21%79%
Upper quartile29%71%

In addition to these figures, 60% of our Senior Leadership Team (staff on grade KR13 and above or with a salary of at least £57,945 from April 2023) are women but the fact that over 80% of our mid to lower grade roles are carried out by women drives our gender pay gap figure up.

Read more about our senior staff, their grades, roles and responsibilities:

A more useful measurement of gender equality is equal pay – paying men and women the same for doing the same job – which Kent County Council does.

Our gender pay gap is 11.4% compared to a national gap of 14.9%. But as explained above, this measurement tells us nothing about actual equal pay at Kent County Council.

Gender pay gap statements