Why now's the time to join us as a children's social worker - video transcript

Social worker 1: The culture within our team and in Kent as a whole is a one of openness, honesty and acceptance. It is a very big thing in Kent in terms of making sure that there is equality. Being a black social worker, I feel supported; I feel accepted within my team and within Kent as well.

Social worker 2: It’s just a great place to work for me personally. It’s the place where we get a huge diversity of young people and support an array of people from all over the world. It allows me that ability to develop my own knowledge and understanding of cultures and backgrounds. Kent County Council does look after me as an employee and give praise where praise is due. You do hear from higher management if you’re doing a good job. And that’s not just within my service, that’s within the council. And that’s really positive, really nice to hear. So yes, if you’ve got any good work, good practice out there then it is recognised and it is commented on.

Social worker 3: I would say do it. Join us, I get up every day enjoying going to work. I love going into the team. And we are a huge team. For example when I think about a network meeting for one child, the likelihood is there will probably be six or seven other people in that meeting. So you’re never alone, and when you bring that network around that child together you can tell that you’re not alone, there’s always people around you that can support you. You support each other.

Social worker 4: This is the right place for me. First of all, as they say, ‘charity begins at home’. I love that feeling of living and working in Kent, the flexibility and the ease with which I can commute to work, and also the fact that I’m able to give back to my community. What better way to support my community than with my experience and with the knowledge that I have, and to be able to be there for someone else?

Social worker 5: I think it’s a great place to live and work. It’s very beautiful, very clean, very diverse. People respect each other and are approachable, and I like it! I like Kent, so much.

On screen caption kent.gov.uk/rightplace.