Elizabeth's story - video transcript

[Title slide "Children's social work"]

Elizabeth: Hi, I'm a children's social worker with Kent County Council, and this is my story.

[Title slide "Right team"]

Elizabeth: The best thing about my team is that it is friendly, it is understanding and also accommodative and also supportive in terms of home life and the balance between home life and work life as well. I'm able to progress in my role. I've been a social worker for 5 years and this year I've progressed to being a senior practitioner. I have been supported in terms of training and how to progress within my new role. Again with the cases, when it comes to cases, I do feel supported because we have discussions in terms of what needs to happen to move the cases forward.

[Title slide "Right time"]

Elizabeth: It is the right time to be in Kent for me because of the flexibility in working, especially now, that is working very well for me in terms of being flexible, working from home and also having that opportunity to work in the office whenever I need to.

[Title slide "Right place"]

Elizabeth: Kent, for a personal level in terms of living and also working, is one of the best places I think I've lived so far, in terms of schools, brilliant schools, the countryside is beautiful and also, like I said before,  it is a safe place to live and to bring up children.  The culture within our team and in Kent as a whole is a culture of openness,  honesty and also acceptance.  It is a very big thing in Kent in terms of making sure that there's equality.  Being a black social worker, I feel supported , I feel accepted within my team and within Kent as well. So yes, I do feel accepted and I'm happy within Kent and working for my team.

[Title slide "Children's social work in Kent"]

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