Andy's story - video transcript

[Title slide "Children's social work"]

Andy: Hi, I'm a children's social worker with Kent County Council, and this is my story.

[Title slide "Right team"]

Andy: This is the right team for me because we have a lot of professionals from all walks of life, different cultures and backgrounds, and we're able to learn from them and their expertise.

I've come on leaps and bounds because of that support. We have regular supervision and that's not just with my manager, but also with the team our kind of group supervision together where we can work through anything we have any issues with. It's that kind of collaborative working, multi-agency working that we have as well, with other services being drawn on their expertise to build a network around a young person or their family to deliver the best service we can.

[Title slide "Right time"]

Andy: This is the right time to join Kent County Council if you are looking for a challenge. Our children are in need of good support and someone in their life that would have a positive impact on them. Along with that, to develop yourself in terms of your own progression and expanding your knowledge around children and young people.

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Andy: It's just a great place to work for me personally. It's the place where we get the huge diversity of young people. I support an array of people from all over the world. It allows me that ability to develop my own knowledge and understanding of cultures and backgrounds. Kent County Council do look after me as an employee, I'm given praise where praise is due. You do hear from higher management if you're doing a good job and that's not just within my service that's within the council, and that's really positive, really nice to hear. So if you've got any good work and good practice out there, then it is recognised and it is commented on.

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