Suzy's Shared Lives story

Suzy is a lady in her early 50's with a learning disability who was living in a residential setting since 1994 before she moved in with her Shared Lives carer Maria, Kevin, their 2 dogs and a cat.

In the very short space of time since moving in Suzy and Maria have accomplished a great deal.

Suzy has been on holiday to Devon, enjoying train rides, going on walks, taking in the scenery, going to the beach and visiting the valley of the rocks.

Suzy was previously prone to trips and falls but now walks with Maria and her two dogs daily and is able to walk much further and no longer trips. Suzy goes on the local swings when on her walk with the dogs, something she thoroughly enjoys, going really high and scaring Maria!

Suzy enjoys cooking with Maria and regularly makes cakes and is able to help prepare meals by cutting up vegetables, giving Suzy a sense of achievement.

Suzy and Maria went on the Shared Lives day event at Brogdale Farm and Suzy particularly enjoyed the tractor trailer ride.

Suzy meets up regularly with some of the people she shared her residential home with and they have done numerous activities including crazy golf, bowling, feeding the ducks and various lunches out! As well as going to a local boot fair and also a local fayre where she played 'hook a duck'.

Suzy is very proud of her new bedroom which has been decorated in pink and features a large picture of 'Frozen' adorned with fairly lights and Suzy says she is very happy in her new home.

For the future: a pantomime at the Marlow Theatre and a trip to Butlins next April have already been booked so many opportunities are now open to Suzy.

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