Peter, Alex and Kelly's Shared Lives stories

Peter's story

I moved in with Colin and Debbie because I wanted to get my own flat and needed to learn how to live on my own. 2 years later my care manager has put  my name forward to have my own flat.

While living here I have learnt to do my own washing and ironing, clean my room and cook a meal.  But I also have fun going cycling, going to karate - I am now an orange belt, going on holidays, visiting castles and riding on steam trains.

I now go to college one day a week and work in a charity shop one day a week.  When I get my flat I want to stay friends with Colin and Debbie so they can still help me.

Alex's story

I have only lived with Debbie and Colin for a few months.  I used to live with older people in Dartford.  I have settled in well and have been out on my bike with them which I couldn't do before.

I have been on holiday with Debbie and Colin and we went to Eltham Palace at the weekend.

I see my brother every fortnight and keep in touch with my friends in Dartford.  I worry about lots of things but we all get on together and I like it here.

Kelly's story

I enjoy living here, I feel comfortable. I can do what I want and make my own decisions. If I get confused Debbie and Colin help me to understand things.

I like going on holiday, shopping and drinking coffee.  I see my mum a lot at weekends but she has been ill so I can't live with her. I also see my dad but he works so I can't live with him. I like seeing my family but I can't live on my own because I worry and get stressed.

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