Douglas's Shared Lives story

Douglas was 52 and living with his elderly father. He had put on weight, due to lack of exercise and rarely left the house.

His family initially decided that he would be moved to a residential home. However someone mentioned that he may be suitable for Shared Lives and he was referred across. His brother initially was not happy with the idea that he would move in with another family but met the family and decided to give it a go.

Douglas moved in with Rod and Lee and has been living with them for 2 years, along with another Shared Lives user.

During his time he:

  • has lost 5 stone
  • has developed a love of walking the dog
  • is often out of the house and uses the bus system all on his own.

Douglas is now involved in trampolining, cricket, he works at the local stables and has been on holiday for the first time in 20 years. With Rod and Lee's consistent and continuous support he has transformed into a more independent and happier person.

Douglas's brother now thinks that Shared Lives is the best thing that could ever possibly have happened to him. By sharing their life, Rod and Lee have radically changed Douglas's life for the better.

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