Public transport roles

In public transport, we do some challenging, varied and rewarding work, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our services.

We are responsible for the provision of a huge range of client transport services and associated activities across the county. We support the local public transport network, coordinate concessionary fares schemes and contract with local transport providers to provide bespoke transport services that meet the needs of our residents.

Join our team

We are looking for individuals who:

  • have great communication skills
  • are comfortable using a wide range of IT systems
  • can organise their own workload
  • work well under pressure to help the team complete tasks with tight deadlines.

We have the following roles available:

Business Officer / Business Information Officer

As part of our business team, you’ll help us manage payments to transport providers and make sure the council’s money is spent correctly. Day to day, you’ll tackle a range of administrative tasks, processing invoices, arranging payments to suppliers and dealing with any issues. In this role you will:

  • use your analytical skills to resolve problems
  • identify and rectify irregularities
  • make sure accurate payments are made on time

Find out more about the business officer / business information officer role.

Client Transport Coordinator

As a client transport coordinator, you will arrange bespoke transport for our clients, ensuring they get high quality services whatever their needs. This role is customer-focused, so you will be a primary point of contact, talking to schools, parents and transport providers, as well as your council colleagues. To work effectively in this role you will need to:

  • have excellent customer service skills
  • be deadline focussed
  • work well under pressure

Find out more about the client transport coordinator role.

Passenger Transport Inspector

Our passenger transport inspectors make sure that these services work as they should, spotting issues, raising concerns and looking for areas for improvement. Visiting schools, bus stations and other locations, you'll monitor what goes on, producing daily reports and making sure that services are compliant. The ideal candidate for this role will:

  • be able to work flexibly and independently
  • have great interpersonal skills
  • be observant and curious

Find out more about the public transport inspector role.

Public Transport Coordinator

Working with mainstream schools and the public bus network, you will review existing transport services to make sure people are getting the best transport options from us. You will also arrange bespoke transport for students, as well as procuring new services where necessary and managing transport contracts. In this customer-focused role, you will be a primary point of contact, liaising with clients, transport providers, colleagues and the public to deliver efficient, high quality transport. You will also be:

  • a great communicator
  • able to use IT systems to support service planning
  • able to help our residents get to where they need to be

Find out more about the public transport coordinator role.